Silence stills the mind and allows the spirit free access to the deep recesses of the mind and gives the inner voice space to be heard.

The depths of the soul is a place of silence, a place that provides a sanctuary from the ever bustling noise with which you surround yourself on a day to basis. The problem for most people is that they are never still enough to access this place of sanctuary. Their minds are full of thoughts or questions or emotions. To enter into the depths one must relinquish these things and trust in where the soul leads for the soul, our inner consciousness will lead to peace if we can only hear it above the clamour of our lives.

Can you hear the wind rustling through the trees or the sun baking the desert? Can you hear the waves crashing on the shore or the sound of the ice cracking on the ground? All this is possible if you listen with your soul. Your ears are to hear earthly noises; your soul hears spiritual sounds like the sound of silence, the sound of peace, the sound of happiness.

Silence is music to the soul but only in silence can you listen to the silence of the soul. The music of the soul, the silence of its depths allows you to hear the rhythm of life and the rhythm of life is gentle melodic and undulating. It is not chaotic or overwhelming. Go with the gentle relaxing music of your soul. Listen to its depths that can only be heard in silence for it is in silence that your pathway becomes clear.

As the wind ripples the grass so the music of the soul ripples through the silence, vibrating and reverberating through your body until you can feel its benefits. Let go and enjoy the silence. Let go and listen to the beat of your life as it shines through the silence of your soul.

To achieve silence you must remove yourself from others so that you do not listen to their thoughts. Thoughts are just as intrusive as external noise; sometimes more so because you are not always aware that you are listening to them. Sometimes you hear thoughts from others and you think it is your own inner voice. Distancing yourself from the thoughts of others is one of the hardest things to do but to achieve silence you must persevere in your studies and eventually you will learn to discern between those thoughts and your soul. With silence all becomes clear and clarity is the key to silence and the soul.


Written by: Carole McEntee-Taylor for


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