Preparing To Work With Spirit

Before we carry out any work with spirit we need to mentally and emotionally prepare ourselves and the area/s we are going to work in. It is important to protect and ground ourselves and below are just a few ways you can do this.

PROTECTING~Even if we are not carrying out any spiritual work it is still a good idea to protect yourself from not only psychic attack but from any negativity. You may be going out around town, walk in the park but we can still be affected by other peoples emotions which in turn will have an affect upon our well being. Some of the affects can be tiredness, draining feeling, blocked energies etc. One way of performing a quick protection is to close your eyes and imagine a bright light that engulfs your whole being, a bit like a cloak, then ask for protection from your guides/angels etc.

GROUNDING~It is also very important to ground ourselves before we work with spirit. We want to feel and be anchored to earth, we want to be safe. If we do not ground ourselves what happens usually is that we begin to feel dizzy and spaced out, we will not have that connection and balance within ourselves. Grounding allows us to become calm, to collect our thoughts and emotions and to stabilize them. There are many ways to ground yourself, I use many different techniques but a popular one is to close your eyes, imagine a white light that comes in through your crown (top of head), pull this light energy down through your whole body until it reaches your feet, here the energy will penetrate mother earth and will burrow deep within her, your energy will find a strong rock with which to wrap itself around. Your energy will now make its way back up through the earth and back into your feet making its way up through your body, back out through your crown and the white light will surround your whole being. You are now grounded.


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