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What is the Value in Trusting?

trust yourselfAccording to David Hawkins it’s 250….

What is the value in trusting?  What benefit is there to trusting God, trusting your intuition, and trusting your self?   Well, according to Dr. David Hawkins, there is tremendous benefit to trusting.  The emotion of trust calibrates at 250 on Hawkins Scale of Consciousness.  At the level of 250, people allow for flexibility and possibility.  They aren’t stuck in rigid thought that prevents them from seeing the mysteries in life.  When aligning with this level of consciousness, inner confidence begins and a sense of greater freedom emerges.

When trusting in God, people give their attention to the pulsating life force that exists in and around all things.  This trust brings one into flow with the universe in such a way as to open to all the good life has to offer.  Trusting in God stamps a certainty and confidence with all that is divine.

As an individual explores the concept of trusting intuition and trusting self, a reliance upon inner knowing is experienced.  It is done through senses whether it arrives as sensations, images, words, or sounds.  Through trusting self, harmony and balance are sure to follow.

If you are finding yourself in a place or time that is calling for trust, follow your heart and inner wisdom.  Trust that you are a wise being that has strength and knowing.


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Everyday Greatness

grace & greatnessEveryday greatness is about achieving our highest potential. It is about the way we feel about ourselves, the way we treat others, our attitude towards life and our perceptions. It is about ‘being’ not ‘doing.’

Now is a time of change – make the most of it!
Currently lots of things are occurring all around the world, this makes it a time of opportunity. A time for us to achieve whatever it is we want to achieve, to seize the chance.

How are you using your resources?
Your time, your thoughts, qualities and abilities These resources are under our control and how we use them is totally up to us.

We are the artists’ of our tomorrows, the pen in our hand.
Today’s seeds are tomorrow’ s fruit. A seed is a thought, and it is the seeds we plant today that create our tomorrows. Seize the chance to plant positive seeds at very second and will be creating a future for yourself that will be filled with peace and happiness. We can’t expect the ‘fruit’ if we haven’t planted the right seeds.

Maximising Ourselves

‘If I always do what I have always done, I will always get what I always got’.

First, create a vision of who you would like to be. Visualise the ‘you’ you want to be and the life you want to live. Be sure, whatever you want to achieve- you can do it. Second, take an honest look at yourself, without judgement. Accept yourself exactly as you are right now. Thirdly, pick one small thing that you would like to change, that will bring you closer to the ‘you’ you have envisioned. Fourthly, sign the contract! When we make a commitment to ourself life helps us. It will bring us exactly the right opportunities or challenges we need to make and consolidate this change. Just be determined and take that first step of courage- nothing can stop you. Fifthly, take stock of your progress. In every second we can feel a bit different. See the change in you from yesterday, last week, a year ago. When we make and acknowledge a positive change we increase our inner power and a positive energy is released that moves us forward. An extra boost, is to accept God’s help.

Watch out!

Old habits, they try to hold on to us and some that we have had for a long time may feel like old friends; they are very familiar and feel comfortable. Only, choosing them we stall and stop moving towards our goal. Also, watch out for laziness! It will persuade us to sleep for a little longer and once time has gone by though we can’t get it back.


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Be careful what you wish for…

Thoughts are a very powerful energy form, a very powerful energy that we each possess.

Each time we have a thought we are sending out a message to the universe saying this is what we would like to happen. That is why it is so important to keep our thoughts positive.

There is a saying that “like attracts like”. This is never truer than when it comes to our thoughts. Positive thoughts attract positive energy. Unfortunately the reverse is also true. Negative thoughts attract negative energy. Each time we worry or visualise something terrible happening we are sending out a message saying that this is what we would like to happen.

We also need to look at the way we put our thoughts together and how we ask for help. If you ask for help you will always get it but you do need to be careful what you are asking for.

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Life’s Challenges

confusionWe have all had periods of time in our life where we think “do I deserve this?” usually we say this when times are hard and things are going wrong in our life, but how often do we say it when things are going right for us, during the good times in our life? It is so easy to forget and take for granted the good things and the loving people we do have in our life, focusing only on what we do not have, what is not going right, what we want (rather than what we need), as the old saying goes “can’t see the woods for the trees”. Thoughts are real living things that not only affect our own actions but also affect others.

Life’s challenges are also life’s lessons, life itself is our classroom of perpetual learning, depending upon your beliefs, these are lessons that you chose to learn before you incarnated on earth. There is also the “people challenge” these being people who come into our lives at different stages, friend’s, acquaintance’s, teachers, lovers, partners, husband’s or wives. All come into our lives for a reason, to teach us something, for us to learn something from them some for only a brief period, some for longer, some for our entire lives. It is for us to interpret what the lessons are, they more than likely may not know themselves, but once the lesson is learned, we must be willing if needs be to let them go and allow them to move on and learn their own lessons and follow their own paths. It is all to easy to try to hold on to something or someone we know we must let go of, maybe believing they need us, that we have to help them, this in itself can be a hard lesson and challenge for us to face.

Decision’s and choices are also a difficult lessons to learn and a major life challenge too. It is always so easy to “make things fit” to find reasons to do something we know is wrong convincing ourselves that it’s right, avoiding doing what we know is truly the right thing to do or action to take. People in our lives can also have an affect on the choices and decisions we make, maybe sometimes through threat, force or circumstance but in reality the saying is true “nobody can make you do anything you do not want to do” the second you agree or decide to do something either right or wrong, you have made a choice, the choice is yours, therefore you have decided what you want to do, in spiritual terms it is called “personal responsibility”, we are all ourselves responsible for our actions, thoughts and deeds. We must remember that every decision we make, every thought we have affects those around us directly or indirectly

The school of life is a hard and tough place to be, but can also be a wonderful one at times… It is true… Life is what you make of it… above all we must stay true to ourselves.

One of our purposes in this life is to help one another, but not to the extent that we harm or cause damage to ourselves or each other. We must learn to identify when help is truly needed and is not as a result of our own ego, know when to stand back,  be willing to let go when we need to…. We must face life’s challenges, learn life’s lessons and stay true to our “true self”.


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