Positive words~too many rules .

If we find ourselves frequently getting angry with people around us, chances are that we have too many rules as to how life ought be lived. The lesser the rules as to how life should be, the more joy we experience. Even if we have created rules for ourselves, we need to realize that other people have their own rules too. Freedom from anger lies in not pushing our rules onto others and expecting them to comply.



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  1. #1 by Stephen Robinson on Jun 12, 2011 - 15:38

    A nice and very important topic Joanne. May I add my own perspective?

    While it is important to not have too many rules in certain situations e.g. Relationships, families etc. There are instances where without rules chaos would be the result e.g. The Law itself with no laws (Rules) there would be definitely chaos as people would do whatever they liked.

    Another perspective is where people can use, add, adapt and bend rules to suit their own needs, to get their own desired results, to get people to think or act in the way they wish them to.

    Finally… Too many rules do restrict situations, relationships etc. But they are an important part of life; they help create boundaries and understanding in relationships, families, our working life etc.

    A great topic for debate Joanne… I will be interested to see other people’s views and responses.

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