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Environments with lower energies.

brainTo become more positive, surround yourself with positivity energy and avoid environments with lower energies.
Have you ever noticed that when you enter a room with a bunch of people, you can instantly feel the energy of the environment? Whether the energy is positive or negative, your mood is very likely to get influence…d by it. Each and every interaction we have with the outside world influences our mind. The mind turns relatively negative when in the midst of negative energy, and it turns relatively positive when in the midst of positive energy.

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The Power of Living in Your Truth and Authenticity

“You will know the truth and the truth shall set you  free.” John 8:32

Truth: The REAL state of things

Your life is a mirror of the way you live your truth and of your reality.

In our politically correct environment, everyone must like what everyone else  is doing. We have replaced our truth with lies. That might sound harsh but,  after all, this is an article on truth!

unspoken wordWe have become conditioned to hold back the real truth in many situations. We  hold our truth in. Stuffed into our minds and bodies, our truth clogs our entire systems, like a plugged fuel line to a  motor — not operating at full potential — sputtering through life.

Think about this: Have you ever kept a significant truth inside or unstated  for some time and when you finally let it out, you felt like a weight had been  lifted from your shoulders?

When we lie, we falsely believe we are doing something beneficial to help the  situation. We use excuses such as I don’t want to hurt their feelings, I  don’t think they or I could handle the truth, the truth hurts so I won’t say  anything.

Here are some examples where we are conditioned tonot tell our truth.

· Your significant partner just left you; you feel like a truck just ran over  you. Someone in the office asks you how you are doing; you respond: Fine! Hey, that’s not truth. You feel awful . . . with good reason . .  . so be real!

· You are in a work situation; the boss asks if you like your job and the  work environment. You say, Yes, it’s just fine, but you really don’t  like the situation and you mislead your boss and yourself on the truth. You tell  a lie.

· Let’s reverse the situation. Think of yourself in the role of boss. An  employee asks you if you like his/her work. You say Yes, but you have  an ad in next week’s paper, looking for a new  employee. You have told the individual a lie.

· You go to dinner at the home of friends and the meal is just terrible. They  ask you how you like the meal; you state It’s great . . . another lie.  So the next time you visit there, the same food in on the table. After all, you  approved it before; why not make it again?

· Your child has done something very poorly and knows it. He says to you, Isn’t that great? and you agree. Another falsehood.

· A telemarketer calls. You stay on  the line not expressing your truth, which is I have no time for  this.

· Someone asks you about your success. You exaggerate (lie) about your  accomplishments to cover up insecurities, fear, or to get approval.

How have we digressed so far as to think that lies are more effective or  powerful than the truth?

By the way, being truthful is different than being a whiner or a victim of  your life and circumstances.

Interesting enough, many of these lies are directed toward ourselves; we deny  our own truth. By doing so, we lower and give away our own personal purpose and  energy. Truth is the difference between being authentic or fake ? real instead  of phony. We have become sheep ready for slaughter and we have denied others our  truth. This is a destructive behavior pattern.

Alert: Before you go out to tell everyone how you REALLY feel about them,  there is a caveat. You must speak your truth with compassion — not only  to others but to yourself.

This is not about hurting yourself and others; it’s about releasing what is  true. Truth does and will set you free when done with a good heart. You will be  stating facts — not releasing emotionally charged truths launched with arrows,  blame, or vengeance.

Your truth should not be about being callous, judgmental, or putting  someone/something down. It should simply be about the facts as you see them and  about your truth.

Have you seen someone constantly lying (sucking up to) a person of stature  and authority? What did you think of the person who was not being truthful? Did  you wonder where else this person was living a lie? Could you deeply trust this  person? If you are being honest, most likely not!

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, identified that the most  successful companies are brutally honest about their condition. They do not live  on Fantasy Island but on truth. How can quality, purposeful decisions be made on  false or untrue information? They can’t.

Finally, what about the individuals who are not truthful about the true  condition of their lives — physical, financial, mental, spiritual, social,  relationships, etc.? It’s time to be real about your life and to move forward  from a position of truth and authenticity at all levels.

Yes, I have been guilty of not stating my truth in the past — of not being  real. Looking back, I realize how much that modus operandi cost me in  personal energy, relationships, business, and credibility. And I have also been  truthful without compassion; my truth has ridden the emotions of revenge and  anger. Neither of these approaches to the truth proves beneficial.

At this moment, I encourage everyone reading this article to achieve freedom  by living and stating what’s true for you . . . not in an intense judgmental  way, but in a calm, confident, grounded space. Make this commitment for everyone  and everything ? you don’t get to pick and choose where you will be truthful. Be  100% authentic.

Be aware of the freedom and incredible feelings you experience as you more  toward more and more truth in your life.

Action Steps for Living in Your Truth

1. Acknowledge there is no benefit in misleading yourself or others in  lies.

2. Embrace the fact that your truth can set you free.

3. Speak your truth with compassion, not in judgment or anger.

4. Lying is often based on fear, the need for approval, or a lack of  self-worth. Stop doing it now!

5. The more authentic you are, the more self-confidence you will exude and the more action you will  take.

6. Think right now where in your life you are not being 100% truthful and  authentic. Make a list of everything that comes up for you: When, Who, Where,  How, What. If you are having difficulty thinking of instances, use the examples  above to kick-start your process.

7. From your list, clarify and determine the truth for each of your  scenarios. Be honest with yourself about your life conditions and your  relationships.

8. Take action NOW! I suggest you start with the most difficult item on your  list. That way, everything else will seem easy. Make sure you enter this process  with compassion to yourself and others.

9. Pay attention to the mental release and energy you gain from your  truth.

10. Become aware of day-to-day situations where you omit the truth or are not  being authentic. Start changing your habits.

11. Ask for support and feedback from your family and friends.

12. Truth is strength and power. Tell the truth, and then watch how you  attract more of what you want into your life.

Until next time, keep Living On Purpose.

Ken  Keis –    About the Author:

Ken Keis, MBA, CPC, is an internationally known author, speaker, and  consultant. He is President and CEO of CRG Consulting Resource Group  International, Inc., Many professionals herald CRG as the Number One global  resource center for Personal and Professional Development.  For information on  CRG Resources, please visit http://crgleader.comFor  information on Ken’s Training and Speaking Programs, please visit



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Karma demystified… sort of!

Karma. It’s a term that gets thrown around a lot these days and many of us have a good idea about what it is…or do we?

‘Karma’ is a Sanskrit word with several layers of translation- some being  ‘wheel’, ‘balance’ and ‘debt’. The Hindu faithful use the word Karma to denote  both shallow and deep aspects of an individual soul’s journey from this life  into the next based on spiritual debt and  needed experiences. Karma is the ‘baggage’ we have as spirit souls- it is both  what we are here in this life to deal  with and what we take with us to the next. Whatever Karma you have right now  defines where you’ve been- and the Karma you have when you die defines where  you’re headed.

Let’s clear up from the get go that ‘good Karma’ is not good at all. Having  ‘good Karma’ will require a soul to take rebirth in order to burn it off. If we  want complete transcendence- zero Karma is the way to go! Good Karma and good  living are two different things. We annihilate bad Karma by being good (charity,  selfless service, prayer, etc.), and gain bad karma by being naughty (hate,  violence, anger, envy, malice, lies, etc.).

Let’s look at this another way…

Let’s say someone is born into a socialite family- wants for nothing, gets a  great education, has excellent health, general good luck, etc. We can assume  (although not absolutely define for certain) that in a past life, this person  did compassionate and selfless works that led them to a positive/good Karmic  load in this life. If all of this goes to their head- the good turns sour and  next time around they get just about the opposite to learn and KNOW the  lessons.

Now, if we look at someone who experiences about the opposite in life-  poverty, ill health, bad luck; we can safely assume that in a past life they may  have abused abundance, cosmic laws or their own life journey. It happens and  we’re ALL guilty of acting against our bigger nature. How do I know that?  because we’re all here!

Sometimes Karma can seem like such a harsh judgment! Who decides when our  actions are negative or positive? Who hands out the ruling and defines how our  next lifetime will roll so that we learn and experience all that we need to  rectify toxic behaviors/beliefs and get closer to truth?

We  do!

All of our soul baggage is like a colored filter, and our soul is  like a bright light. What we project- we attract. If we have acted against the  self in a past life- or last week for that matter, a filter is created over the  light of the soul and as the light shines through it- circumstances resonant  with that behavior come our way… in a big way. We shine forth on a subtle  spiritual level exactly who we are- and the cosmos responds to that light.

If we are impatient- we shine impatience on the subtle level and thus attract  situations that will challenge and thus heal our impatience. You know, you only  get stuck in traffic when you are an impatient person! Once you master patience-  there’s no need to be stuck in traffic so it doesn’t happen anymore.

The goal of understanding Karma, or spiritual debt as I call it outside the  Hindu specifics of the term- is so we can understand the why’s and how’s of  life.

Nothing is chance- everything, and I mean EVERYTHING we experience comes to  us for the sole purpose of enlightening, healing and empowering us. That’s every  blissful love affair, every stubbed toe,  every short paycheck and every blessing we receive. Spiritual debt is a sort of  barometer about our journey and helps us understand the bigger picture. If we  are constantly attracting a similar situation- it’s a big clue we need to look  into that and figure out what’s up so we can be more attentive to receiving the  healing opportunities coming our way. If something comes over and over again-  it’s because we’re not getting it. Time to take inventory, get straight in the  heart and open up to be guided down the sometimes hard healing path that always leads to bliss beyond imagination.  Recurring issues are also a great time to contact your psychic spiritual adviser  for another view into the journey.

In Egyptian mythology- at death, the  heart of the deceased is weighed on a scale opposite an ostrich feather. If the  heart weighs more than the feather, it gets eaten by a big scary monster. If it  weighs less- it goes to paradise. What’s being said here? Heaven is a place of  NO BAGGAGE! The heart that weighs less than a feather is the heart with no  baggage and no attachment to false things. This is a heart who has lived life in  accords with cosmic law and personal journey and who has walked out of life with  no deep obsessions/addictions to material things, and no sins of the self  weighing on them. It’s a heart light enough to float to the unseen above!

In my revelation, I have experienced that at death- the only judgment is  between the soul and a mirror. In the soul-state that exists when we are not  attached to the psychical body and the material world- great clarity and wisdom  is present. WE define how we could have done better, how we might have avoided  lessons or healing that tried and tried to manifest in our lives, how we did  good, etc. We decide what’s needed- and in that space it’s always the truth  because it’s OUR truth.

This view differs from many western beliefs as well  as the beliefs of many Hindu sects who house the term ‘Karma’, but coming to  this realization we are forced to take total accountability for our spiritual  actions and our path. The ‘Blame God’ game comes to a quick end and nothing  could be better for a soul!

Each of us is walking our own wheel of life- experiencing different things to  help us know it all. Exploring who we are, who everyone else is and who the  Divine is. Learning by doing, loving by experiencing, respecting by seeing and  knowing by being. Simply following the intuitive cosmic laws that are inscribed  in each of our hearts will ensure that we walk the spiral journey with right  action and progress in our great path of healing and bliss.


Peace & Great Blessings on the path of  BECOMING!

Josh Williams –    About the Author:

Josh Williams is a professional Psychic Adviser, Life Coach, Spiritual  Teacher and Energy Healing Channel. For over 10 years he has been serving  clients from all across the globe, acting as psychic client advocate, teaching  meditation, ritual, manifesting and spirituality techniques and just loving  life! Josh has recently started offering a wisdom blog which is updated 5 times  a week presenting practical but powerful spiritual wisdom for the modern day. You can view Josh’s blog by clicking HERE


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Everything Happens for a Reason

happens4areasonCertain events happen in our lives that completely change our outlook and consequently the choices we make. Be it ending a relationship, leaving a job, moving away, losing a loved one, winning the lottery, finding your soul mate, starting a family after many years of waiting, overcoming a fatal diagnosis, etc. This list could go on and on. One may say it is your destiny or karma.

Read more: Everything Happens for a Reason.

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