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Life is Life

Life isLife is life. Sometime we spend it trying to please others, while other times we spend it just cause we feel we must. However, there is only one true purpose in life, and that is that we must live life for ourselves. For the moment we live it for others is the moment we cease being individuals and start conforming to the boredom and idiocy of society. So, when you ask “How shall I live my life?” look no further for an answer then by asking yourself what you want to accomplish in your lifetime.

~ Racquel ~


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Create Positive Spiritual Triggers

If you take a moment to think about it, don’t we all live off emotions? These emotions are always triggered by something or someone. Digging a bit deeper we find that spirituality, good and evil, is at the core of these matters.

Self TalkPeople don’t do things just to do them, they have toughts and feelings that provoke actions, actions that can create problems. We want to focus on triggers, spiritual triggers that can overcome actions that are common to daily situations.

Two Types of Triggers

You have two types of triggers, the human type and the spiritual type.

Being human, you have what is called fleshly responses. These are just reactions that is what you and I are use to seeing when people interact.

On the other side of the coin, if you believe, we have a spiritual side to us. This side generally wants to react in the opposite fashion compared to a fleshly response.

So on one side you have a situation where you want to hold a grudge and the spirit side says you must forgive. This is a conflict.

Because we believe that sin or evil heavily influence our flesh, we need to strengthen our spirit. To do this we need to know what areas in the flesh is weak. Which things trigger our fleshly responses that creates hurt for us and others.

Spiritual Trigger Building

Before you can build a solid trigger you must understand sin and how it works.

Sin will not make it easy for you to shake loose from the routine. The routine of reacting like everyone else in certain situations. In fact, be prepared to be confronted with more problems than before when trying to change. This is normal, like I said sin won’t be defeated without a fight.

Lets use the example of forgiveness. It’s unnatural to forgive, if you have been slapped in the face enough you’ll want to kill somebody. Now God says forgive, turn the other cheek.

With a strong spirit this makes sense, but it doesn’t happen over night. This is the reason you need a spiritual trigger, a quick phrase you can say to yourself to trigger a spiritual response. It might be Sin No More or I Must Forgive, you get the idea.

This trigger has to be attached to things you learned for that specific response.

Once you do this a few times you’ll understand how powerful these triggers are. You might even be surprised how much nicer and stress-free life can be.

Ric Bai – About the Author:
Experience is the best teacher, they say, and each day we learn more.

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To get what you want, give people what they want!

To get what you want, give people what they want!.

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It s so very easy…. isn’t it?

BeatExcusesIt’s so very easy isn’t it to find all the excuses NOT to do something, to turn EXCUSES into reasons NOT to do something. We can convince ourselves that the very reasons we are giving ourselves are valid REAL reasons, but in truth are really just excuses we find to avoid making the decisions we know we should make. We must try to stay true to our REAL SELF, Try not to turn excuse into reason, and face what is before us, not lie to ourselves and others,

WE must move forward and make the decisions we need to. Making smaller sacrifices where they are needed is far better than the possibility of losing all and being left with regret and the reality that we have only ourselves to blame.

© Stephen Robinson 2011

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