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Controlling Insecurity: Five Methods

We may feel insecure around a boss or a successful and  attractive member of the opposite sex. Or we may just feel intimidated by crowds  and have no greater goal than making it through the experience without unduly  embarrassing ourselves.

Causes of insecurity and the effects of different  methods used to reduce it will vary. Here are five areas that may  help.

steps-of-insecurityI. Tune Down the Stress,  “De-multitask

Sometimes we feel insecure because we live such  busy, stressful lives. Aside from old fashioned stresses like education, family,  relationships and career, a more recent source of stress has been multitasking  on the internet and using our electronic servants like smartphones and the  iPad.

I am not here to argue against the advantages of modern technology,  only that some of us may need to make hard choice about limiting their use for  our own emotional (and cognitive) well-being.

Maybe its OK not to get up  and answer the text message right away  … even multiple text messages. If  emails are only answered at certain set hours of the day (say between 9 – 10 AM  and between 3 – 4 PM–and no other–is that going to make your business and  friendships go away?

And if you are working on a deadline for a project,  is it possible you can avoid glancing at the news or hottest YouTube video for a  while?

Research is increasingly suggesting that uninterrupted mental  focus is best for creativity and sustained logical thinking. Multitasking is  entertaining and a little bit addictive, but how does your blood pressure and  memory fare on a steady diet of mental ping pong?

Does stress increase  your nervous tension and feelings of insecurity? Even if you like multitasking,  does it have a downside?

II. Stop the  Stimulants

Why are coffee and caffeinated beverages popular?  Sugar and caffeine in their own way are stimulants. Aside from taste, we like  the mild euphoria, the increased productivity, the zest they give us.

But  stimulants can also increase the general level of anxiety, and in some of us,  that may be a bit too much. If we are already prone to insecure feelings, such  stimulants may push us over an edge. Best to cut back.

III.  Improve Sleeping Habits

Are you more calm following a long and  good night’s sleep or after a brief and fitful night’s sleep?

Our central  nervous system seems to need sleep, but our frenzied attempts at productivity,  our love of entertainment and our undisciplined choices tend to push sleeping  hours later than is best for our long term well being.

Getting things  done on time to get to bed early may seem self-indulgent, but the opposite is  true, at least in the long run. Often we prolong the hours before bed by  entertainment. That may help us relax, or it may stimulate us, depending. Often  we eat a late night snack because we stay up a long time, and that not only  gives us added strength to stay up longer, it also has an unfortunate effect on  the quality of our sleep and on our weight.

An anxious person may not  sleep well anyway. Early relaxation and improving the discipline of sleep habits  may improve daytime feelings of insecurity.

IV. Add Things that  Relax and Calm

Some of us who are chronically stressed or  nervous may find some help in prescription drugs used for anxiety or depression.  Or for those wishing to avoid many of the negative side effects of drugs, some  vitamins, herbs, aromatherapy essential oils, or homeopathic remedies may be of some help.

Do not take both drugs  and natural substances for feelings of insecurity before consulting your doctor,  and especially so if you are a pregnant or nursing mother. And while adding  calming substances may help, they should probably best be considered as  occasional or temporary solutions used in conjunction with other  things.

Regular exercise of all kinds tends to moderate anxieties. Yoga  is one popular means of exercise used especially for its calming  effects.

V. Identify the Negative, Practice the  Positive

Knowing precisely the surface and underlying reasons  for your insecurity feelings is often a first step in confronting and  controlling the problems. Replacing the negative with a positive lifestyle  choice may be part of your solution (like  changing jobs).

Or very commonly, we feel insecure because of a pattern  of self-sabotaging and irrational thoughts. Identifying these thoughts and  replacing them with rational ones often helps control insecurity. Perhaps these  positive rational thoughts can be written down in scripts and rehearsed  deliberately until memorized, at which point the insecure person can use them at  will to get through especially nervous periods and in time retrain the  emotions.

A common final goal of controlling feelings of insecurity is  facing them squarely and acting in a reasonable and planned fashion through the  feelings toward success. Repeated success encourages the mind and cuts the power  of anxiety.


David J. Phelps – About the Author:

Next, see the Linden Method for anxiety for an effective treatment that retrains one’s emotions or consider more on controlling insecurity.


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Are your negative emotions wasting your life?

Have you ever considered that every time you worry or become angry with  someone or something, that you are wasting away that precious gift called life.  It is a sad fact that most of the population of the world waste a great deal of  their lives on negative emotions that  serve no purpose. Financial concerns are one of the major emotions that cause  great suffering to humanity; but in the same token, other emotions are just as  destructive. Your negative emotions are also the catalyst to illness – believe  me, I know, and like you, I am trying to get to grips with a modicum of control  – my emotions. But before we can get into the ins and outs of dealing with your  emotions. Let me show you how much time that we waste.

Your wastage

negative-emotion--free-yourselfIf we say that you are worried 3 days out of a week, that’s 48 hours and  2,496 hours in a year, which is 208 days. Quite a wastage, don’t you think? Now  if you harbor anger with someone for no particular reason or because you have  judged the person wrongly, this would mean that you would keep that negative  emotion within you all day. I will forget  the time you sleep and calculate this at 4,368 hours in a year, which equates to  364 wasted days. I could continue to show you that each negative emotion you  employ within yourself – could in fact waste most of your precious hours in your  life that you can be more positive and productive. Now imagine how many hours of  negative energy that work its cancer into your own energy field. Perhaps this  would serve as a hypothesis for why negative emotion can be the catalyst to  disease within the physical body.


The first step to dealing with this, is awareness and mindfulness. You have  to be aware of the emotion in the first place and find its root cause.  Mindfulness can be the tool to recognizing the power of awareness and allowing  the positive energy to induce the positive changes that are necessary. If you  suffer from anger, resentment, jealousy or any of the other negative emotions.  You can take the time to recognize them, and in a mindful way, say that you are  aware but these emotions do not serve your higher purpose and allow them to  leave with love and compassion. This energy of the spirit will surely work its  way into the physical manifestation of positivity within your personal life, which in turn will affect others In a  positive way. In a sense, it is rather like throwing a pebble into a pond to  create a positive ripple, which will, in time, be carried throughout the whole  pond. So you see how you may positively affect yourself and those around  you.

I think it was the Buddha who said that “if you can change what you have  done, then do not worry about it, and if you cannot change the circumstance or  what you have done, then don’t worry about it.” From this statement, you might  deduce that worry is something you should not worry about, which seems quite  paradoxical I suppose. We do waste our lives worrying about frivolous things or  things we cannot change – so what’s the point. It is of course not easy to  control the negativity in an instant, and this is a work in progress but each  step becomes a step closer to peace and happiness.

Become aware of suffering

The truth is that we all suffer, in different ways, but we all suffer  nonetheless. Anyone who is negative towards you Is suffering. The way that you  suffer is caused by yourself allowing your suffering to take hold. You can  change others suffering but showing love, compassion and understanding and  perhaps that will help the one who is suffering to show the same. In this way,  we help each other to end suffering. No one deserves to suffer and those who  judge are already suffering from negative emotion. If you do not wish to end up  in an early grave, you should become aware of your emotions and your suffering  as well as others. Each step in a positive direction is a step towards  enlightenment.

Jock  Brocas–    About the Author:

Jock Brocas is a professional Psychic Medium who was natural from birth yet  developed later in life. Jock has dedicated his later years to his own spiritual  development and the professional development of his psychic and mediumship  gifts. Being a professional Psychic Medium is very rewarding but also has its  inherent problems. Nevertheless, Jock believes in the sanctity of mediumship and  takes his work as a psychic medium very seriously.

Jock is known for  giving irrefutable evidence and some of which can be validated much later. Jock  is passionate about the science of psychic mediumship and works closely with  many professionals in this field. He does not give general information that some  psychics throw out and prefers the protocol of scientifically controlled  telephone appointments. Jock very rarely gives psychic readings face-to-face  unless pre booked.

Jock developed his psychic gifts and mediumship later  in life when he was visited by a spirit. At first, this visitation shocked him  and terrified him, which led him into the true vocation he was here for, a  psychic medium’s life. He learned from his past and recognized that he was being  groomed to work for spirit all his life – from growing up with spiritual leaders  and spending time with religious communities – the path was being prepared. He  is also a trained vocalist and is currently working on an Album to be released  at some point in the future.

Jock Brocas (Psychic Medium) has studied  many martial arts in the past and dedicated his later years to the study of  Budo. He has amalgamated what he has learned in Budo and as a psychic medium to  help change individuals lives for the better.

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Spiritual Enlightenment and Depression

spiritual-awakeningDepression is broken down into many  categories in these troubled times by doctors and researchers, but the sad truth  is that regular old rainy day depression can hit anyone at just about anytime.  Nothing can ruin a good day faster than some bad news that throws you for a  loop. Anger and frustration can also trigger bouts of anxiety  and depression and one of the best ways to battle this type of malaise is  through some form of spiritual encouragement. Spiritual encouragement comes in  all forms these days. We as human beings seem to get great comfort in beginning  to understand the essense of who we are, on all levels. Whatever brings you  closer to spiritual enlightenment and gives you peace of mind and heartis  alright. Remember that faith and spirituality is a deeply personal and emotional  thing so make sure you discover the true essence your way.

Many people  find spiritual understanding through workshops and reading great books like the  tenth insight or living in the now or through specific temples like the  followers of the Telos lemurian teachings. Generally we only begin to turn our  attention inwards when things aren’t goining the way we want, usually a  relationship breakdown, financial disharmony or injury brings people looking for  more in life. Being together with loved ones usually helps but often times it is  the tenderness and surprising kindness of total strangers that is the most  impactful. Some say we have spent many lives on this planet and through  reconnecting with our family from other life times brings great joy to us. We  see the best characteristics of people when they are peacefully trying to  comfort someone else or when they are praising their inner God or when they are  praying together for a common good.

Belief in ourselves in rare and  generally not encouraged in this hyper-competitive world that we live in . Even  when we do a great job or have a unique talent, which we all do have, we can end  up doubting ourselves and that can be one of the most frustrating, confusing,  and depressing things we can do. Mixing with people on the journey of  enlightenment or ascension can be quiet rewardingf for someone with low self esteem.

My lemurian friends swear by the seven sacred flames and the teachings in the telos books,  channelled by Auriella Jones, will transform your life in incredible and  positive ways. Most forms of spiritual evolution is a discipline of turning your  attention inwards and taking responsibility for our lives and stop the constant  projection and control we place on others. By adopting this philosophy we take  back our lives and if we created then we can change it. My Lemurian friends  generally are all very positive individuals with very successful lives in  general and they all say that taking responsibility and emotional healing has  been the key to their success in all aspects of life.

Whether it is using  the seven sacred flames or transcendental meditation, we need to have the quiet  time to for reflection and contemplation to give ourselves a chance to block out  the constant chattering dialogue of the mind. When you are able to do this on a  consistent basis you will feel closer to your own spirituality than you have  ever been.

See Telos Australia for more info about Lemuria  and ascension


Lloyd – About the  Author:

Lloyd has been studying human evolution in spirituality and energetic work  for over 20 years. He has found the Telos-Australia teachings to be profound in their simplicity  and ease to follow.

If coming from truth and living in openness and fullness is your yearning and  you want to end the constant run around then click on ascension in 2012


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What is a true friend?

What is a true friend?

Are true friends hard to find? What makes friends special?

We all have friends and many of us appreciate friendship. We all need to have true friends and many of us do have close and best friends, but let me ask you what makes a friend a true friend? What separates a true friend from an acquaintance?

Friendship is one of the most important relationships that we develop in our lives. While it might be easy to make friends, it could be difficult to find friends who would be true to the friendship during the hardships that we encounter in life. Despite the fact that we all have parents and relatives, yet many people rely on friends for spending time together.

true-friendTrue friends

John and Mike grew up together and have been best friends since childhood in the country side. One day, after returning from school, they got into heated debate about politics. Suddenly after the debate got heated, in a moment of anger, John slapped Mike. Mike stared at his friend, then wrote on sand “Today my best friend slapped me.” They resumed walking. When they wanted to cross the river, which was overflowing, Mike fell in the water. John without thinking about it, helped Mike get out of the water. Then, Mike wrote on a rock, “My best friend rescued me.”

John couldn’t understand what Mike was doing, so he asked Mike why he wrote on the sand when he slapped him and wrote on the rock when he saved him? Mike explained that true friend should forget the wrong doings done by their friends and always remember the positive which is exactly what he did.

Characteristics of a true friend

To learn about the characteristics of a true friend, read the quick guide below:

1. Wants the best for you

A true friend wishes you the best all the time. If he finds you that you are succeeding in life and achieving your goals, he will support you.

2. Supports you

If you are experiencing difficult circumstances, you will find the true friend tries his best to reduce your pain and brings you out of your current emotional state.

3. Honesty

A true friend is the one who is honest with you. If you ask him for your help, he will not say what pleases you, he will say what he thinks it is in your best interest. The true friend gives you advice that will support you, helps you, and that makes you move forward in a positive way.

4. Doesn’t judge you

A true friend supports you all the time. He accepts you the way you are and doesn’t try to change you. He accepts your personality the way it is with your positive and negative qualities.

5. Listens to you

There are friends who stay with you when everything is going well, but when you experience a hardship, they disappear and don’t lend you a hand in your adversity. A true friend on the contrary is the one you find in those hard times lending you a hand.

6. Makes you part of his life

A true friend introduces you to his friends and family and makes you part of his family. You are a blessing in his life.

7. Keeps your secret

A true friend keeps your secrets and weaknesses. He doesn’t reveal your secrets or blackmail you. Respecting your privacy is one of your friend’s goals. He doesn’t gossip about you in front of others.

Always remember, “Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure.”

Dia Thabet – About the Author:

Do you know that only 3% of the world’s population manage to plan and reach their goals? The main goal for is to help you become from the top 3% of the world’s population who know how to achieve any goal they desire in all areas of life. If you have a specific goal that you want to accomplish or want to improve an area of your life, but do not know how or why you are not getting any result, then this is the place for you.


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