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Quantum Physics and Energy Healing

Many people had thought of energy  healing as nothing more than superstition of the eastern cultures.  Recently, advancements in quantum physics has brought a new understanding to the  impact that energy has on our beings. There are many   healing quotes that contain wisdom that has only recently been  understood in the west thanks to these developments and understandings. Read on  to learn more about quantum physics and how it pertains to energy healing.

bodyelectricThe body is composed entirely of energy. The field of quantum physics has  recently discovered that all matter is composed of energy. If you continue down  beyond the atomic level, you will eventually find what are known as “super  strings” which are pure vibrations of energy. The frequency with which these  strings are vibrating determine what kind of matter they form. These  sub-subatomic particles then interact with each other in ways that eventually  form atoms. These atoms form molecules, which form cells. And our cells  ultimately form us. The resonance of the energy of which we are made determines  a lot about our bodies. The good news is, much like a stringed instrument, you  can tune these strings to provide resonance and frequencies that are more  beneficial to our being. But, like a poorly tuned instrument, if you don’t pay  attention to your energy, you will find that things get out of harmony and lead  to an unpleasant experience

Failure to take the tune of your body seriously is what leads many people to  suffer depression, anxiety, stress, and illness. If you learn to use   energy healing to manipulate the energies in your body, you will learn to sense disruptions  and negative energies in and around your body. This will give you an opportunity  to improve your condition greatly if  utilized properly.

Some of the forms of energy healing you can look into include: guided  meditations, Reiki, Qigong, Domancic Bioenergy Theory, Therapeutic Touch, and  Meridian Tapping. All of these methods take advantage of the bodies energies in  some way or another, and provide ways to manipulate them for positive  benefit.

It’s important that you stay in touch with your energies. They determine a  lot about you. By ignoring these energies, you are leaving yourself without the  ability to know what is really going on for you and your life. Keep your spirit  in tune and you will sing a happy song. But fail to do so, and you will  suffer.

Many cultures have a form of energy healing, but the majority of our  knowledge of this field originates from the wise Asian cultures of past  millennia. Recently, a surge of information about these techniques has been  coming to western cultures and captivating us. Many are skeptical, though,  because it can not be proven by science. But plenty of people are able to  recognize the basic truths that form the principles of energy healing, chi and  chakras. The advancements taking place in quantum physics will enable us to  justify the thoughts behind the practice and bring it to the entire world as a  validated medicine. Until then – choose  to believe.

Jill  Magso –    About the Author:

Jill Magso is a member of the Silva Team and contributes to spreading  enlightened ideas and sharing teachings about meditation practices. The Silva  Method encompasses a variety of powerful exercises that take you deep into Alpha  and Theta levels of the mind so that you can work within your subconscious as  well as your conscious mind.


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Energy Imbalance And Negative Emotions

We are living in a world, which is complex and forever changing. As such, our  personality is also a complex and changing component of who we are and how we  cope with our problems.

bodyenergyFor thousands of years, the Chinese have believed that the human body is  dominated by the presence of “qi”, which is internal life  energy. Based on the concept of balance between “yin” and “yang”, the  Chinese also believe that energy imbalance or imbalance of internal life energy  can be attributed to different negative emotions experienced in life.

If a person experiences negative emotions of guilt, the energy imbalance may  change the personality, making that person become manipulative or prone to  blaming others.

Energy imbalance due to negative emotions of grief and sorrow over an extended period of time may cause a person to  become depressed or to resign to the perception of failure in life.

Traumatic life experiences, such as sexual abuse, or even physical  imperfections, can lead to energy imbalance that can cause negative emotions of  shame and low self-esteem with devastating effects, such as difficulties in  self-acceptance or self-sabotaging behaviors, such as drug abuse or  alcoholism.


Fear, due to energy imbalance, is more often than not a negative emotion that  can be debilitating. For one thing, it can limit the growth of personality; for  another, it can lead to negative emotions, including jealousy, stress, or even  fear of success. The only positive effect of fear is that it may help avoiding  danger; however, fear can also lead to anxiety and paranoia, which are negative emotions.

Obsessive desire for fame, power, or money can deplete internal life energy,  leading to energy imbalance, which results in addictions. Desire can never be  satisfied: having one desire achieved is often followed by another replacing  it.

Anger is another negative emotion that drains one’s internal life energy,  causing energy imbalance. Anger nurtures resentment and revenge, which are  negative emotions or destructive outcomes of energy imbalance.

Pride is more of a negative than a positive emotion. Although pride can give  one an incentive in life, pride often leads to inflated ego, which may become  vulnerable. Pride may also cause shame when one’s projected accomplishments fail  to materialize. Pride can cause energy imbalance.

Positive emotions, on the other hand, can supply more internal life energy to  deal with life’s problems.

Courage, for example, is positive emotion in that it gives you confidence to  accept new challenges in life, to embrace the opportunities of life, and to  confront fear as well as to overcome obstacles.

Acceptance is a positive emotion in that it enables one to accept success as  well as failure, to know that there are ups and downs in life, and to recognize  that there are neither simple answers nor rigid solutions to life’s problems.  More importantly, acceptance means happiness is within oneself, and that love  comes from within — not something that can be given or taken away by  someone.

Life is complex, and so are human emotions. Just remember that emotions,  positive or negative, have a positive or negative impact on your internal life  energy, and that energy imbalance due to negative emotions is the major cause of  disease and distress in life. Manage your energy system to manage your health  and wellness.

Copyright (c) 2010 Stephen Lau

Stephen  Lau –    About the Author:

Use meditation to change your thoughts about your emotions. Positive or  negative emotions are all in your mind. For more information on Meditation, go  to Stephen Lau’s web page: Meditation  Techniques. Stephen Lau also has websites on Chinese natural healing,  anti-aging, and longevity living. Visit his website Chinese Natural  Healing to find out more on energy imbalance and energy healing.

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Emotional Healing Examined

emotional healingWhat is emotional healing? It is a painful process that leads to  peace, happiness and self-knowledge. Self-knowledge leads to liberation. It is  painful, because only painful emotions need to be healed. True happiness does  not need releasing! But true happiness remains un-experienced as long as there  is an escape from pain. It is the healing of buried pain that allows happiness  and joy to start to make a true entrance into our lives. This is because only  through self-acceptance can we really move forward in our lives.

Read more… Emotional Healing Examined.

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