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Mind Power – The Secrets

Learn Mind Power – The Real Secrets

You probably didn’t know it, but your mind is actually far more powerful than  you think. Like a magnet, what it sees and thinks it will eventually bring to  itself. This is something called the ‘Law of Attraction’. What the law of  attraction basically states is that if you believe something, it’s going to  happen.

mind powerThe law of attraction is basically the act of believing something  is going to happen so strongly that it does. You can have the best life if you  want it, but you have to be able to think it, feel it, and envision it first.  This may take some practice, but success only comes with persistence in any  endeavor. The power of the mind is amazing.

Most people do not realize  how powerful their mind is. According to research, people only use 10% of their  actual brain power. That means 90% is going to waste! Instead of believing in  our mind power, we stick with what we know and take the easy way.

This is  part of the reason that we have trouble in life. We think negative thoughts  because we do not believe that the positive can happen. We just continue to  attract negativity. The reality is that when we think that way then it will  happen.

First, understand that ‘reality’ is within your mind. Whatever  you’ve got to this point has been because of your subconscious mind power. A lot  of people think that everyone has extra sensory or psychic powers. But you have  to make an effort for these powers to come out. Your mind power is real; just  choose to use it.

If you want something better out of life, you just have  to visualize it.and this works in reverse, too. People who expect the worst, get  the worst.

A few things you can do may help you to increase your mind  power. One thing you can try is a technique called visualization. This is a  powerful technique that will let you exercise your mind. It can even lead to you  gaining more mind power.

When you visualize,  what you do is to sit down and create pictures and images inside your mind’s eye. Doing so is going to bring these images to life in your own reality, but  first, you have to start by thinking about it. You need to get your subconscious  mind involved, too, because your subconscious mind is very powerful when it  comes to creating your own real-life from the images you see.

The  subconscious mind is what will actually bring these images to life. Make sure  the images you hold in your mind are positive images. Think a little bit about  how you actually want your life before you begin your visualization  practice.

You might try this: Write everything down on a piece of paper,  either as a list or as though you were telling a story. What goals do you have  for yourself? Then, create what you visualize around these goals. Writing these  things down will make it hard for you to simply ignore them another day. Try  doing this several times a day at first until what you’re doing becomes ‘real’  to you.

You can also use affirmations to increase your mind power.  Affirmations are simply little, encouraging positive sayings that you can save  yourself throughout the day. It can be about anything. For example, if you want  to lose 10 pounds, you can say something  to the effect of, ‘I’m losing the extra weight effortlessly and easily.’ As you  continue to say this, you may notice that truly, the weight is actually coming  off pretty easily. It’ll just naturally start to happen.

Positive things  will happen if you think positive. Just remember it also works the same way with  negative thoughts.

Another option is to use brainwave entrainment to  develop your mind power. This is done through the synchronization of brainwaves  using different frequencies through audio technology. The brain is an amazing  thing in that it can do more than one thing at a time. Using advanced audio  technology you can improve your minds power to heal.

You can also enhance  your memory and bring into effect the psychic powers you have, which already  exist. This is a pretty advanced procedure, but it does work.

Again, literally everyone has this  power, the power of the mind. It’s a matter of believing in your abilities and  then working on developing them. Again, this isn’t likely to happen overnight,  but it will happen if you stay focused. You can have the life you want. You can  change your circumstances from bad to good, or your luck from bad to good. As  you work on developing your mind power, you can then train it out into the  universe for good, so that what you put out will manifest back to you in the  positive, and is what you desire.

Remember everything starts with the  subconscious mind. The only thing holding you back is your conscious mind!

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The Mind-Body Connection

Angel-ShadowYou know what it’s like. You wake up each morning assuming life gets to decide what kind of day you’re going to have. While the circumstances in your life definitely play a role in how you emotionally react, you also need to keep in mind that you have control over those emotional reactions. How you view the circumstances taking place depends on what’s happening in your mind, and what’s happening in your mind will feed into your physical body.

Everyday, your mind feeds your body with your thoughts. Most people don’t realize this is happening, yet they wonder why they feel the way they do. Why am I so tired? Why do I feel so sad? Why do I react in anger? Why does my body keep betraying me? Truth is, your body is never betraying you. It’s doing exactly what it’s being told to do. So become aware of the thoughts you’re feeding it. Your mind and body work together on the same vibrational level. They don’t know how to do anything else. Once you figure that out, you’ll be able to see the connection and begin making changes. It all starts in the mind, so that is where you need to begin.

What is your subconscious holding onto? Again, most people don’t know because they don’t access their subconscious mind. This part of your mind holds onto every experience you’ve had and attached to each experience is an emotional reaction. This is why people react in ways they themselves don’t understand or realize. The emotional responses are programmed into the mind. So when a circumstance presents itself, the mind automatically plays that tape. This programming won’t change until a new tape is introduced and applied into the subconscious. Along with each emotional reaction there is a physical reaction that takes place in the body. This is what makes you feel the way you do. What makes you feel defensive? Angry? Offended? Ask yourself why and dig deep. The answers are there.

Visualization is a tool that many have used over the years to change unproductive habits and thought patterns. The trick to making visualization work is believing in it. If you’re visualizing yourself applying a new emotional reaction, yet at the same time you are telling yourself, “This isn’t going to work,” guess what? It isn’t going to work. Energy in neutral. It does what it’s told. Use your own power to change. No one else can do this for you. You can pray about it all you want, but until YOU decide to play a new tape, things will remain the same.

Learn to use visualization in a productive way. SEE it happening in your mind. SEE yourself reacting in a new way. SEE the changes taking place on this new tape and let it sink in. Most importantly….BELIEVE you can do it. This new way of thinking will filter down into your body, creating a change in the way you feel physically. Remember, your mind and body feed off each other. When you fill your mind with light, high vibrational energy, and allow it to filter down into your body, you will begin to notice a difference. You will start to feel lighter and your mind will be less stressed. When the mind is less stressed, so is the body. In addition to seeing the results you want, it’s also important you feel them. Emotions create feeling, and feeling is another vital factor in visualization. How will you FEEL after this change has taken place? Start feeling that way now. Pretend (if you have to) that the change has already taken place. Tell yourself, “This is how I’m going to feel now. This is the feeling I want.” Like attracts like and you will always get what you ask for.

Visualize light healing energy consuming every cell in your mind and body. All the pain you’re holding onto is being regenerated. See the pain being released and in its place a light, vibrational shower of energy. Breathe and allow yourself to relax. With each inhale, you are bringing in healing energy, regenerating every cell. With each exhale, you are releasing pain. On the exhale, imagine all the negative, heavy energy being blown into a balloon. This way, you don’t project the negative energy you’re releasing out into the world for others to stumble across. Once energy has been set in motion, negative or positive, it stays in motion unless someone comes along and changes it. Remember, energy follows the direction you give it, so use it in a beneficial way.

People also become frustrated when affirmations and visualizations don’t seem to be working. It’s important to keep in mind you should never use affirmations and energy work to interfere with the free will of another person. If you’re visualizing that you want something from a specific person, you are going to be disappointed when you don’t get the results you wanted. You can’t change the way another person reacts. They have the free will to make whatever decisions in life they feel is right for them. Use affirmation and visualization techniques to better yourself and your own situation. Do not attempt to use them to change someone else or bring them into your life. Unless the other person wants the same outcome as you, you will most likely end up frustrated and disappointed. At this point, all you’re doing is creating more negative energy for yourself. Be specific in your visualizations, but don’t pin the outcome on one specific person. Sometimes, not getting what you thought you wanted is a blessing in disguise.

Learn to think for yourself. Build your own self-confidence so you can project positive energy into your own mind and body. This will assist you in becoming an example for others. Visualize what you want and hold onto the feeling of how it’s going to be once it’s obtained. Believe it’s going to happen.

Most importantly, be careful what you wish for!

© Copyright 2008 Angel Shadow™ All rights reserved.

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